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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer 3 methods of payment:
  • PayPal – Recommended
    With PayPal you can use your credit card or register to use your bank account.
  • EMT – Email Money Transfer
    Most banks these day offer the ability to send Money via Email. If you are unsure, you can ask your bank and they will help you with that.
  • Using the postal service to send your payment via snail mail.

You will be billed in either USD or CAD currency depending on your country or billing.

Yes! If there is an issue with the hosting services which we provided to you and you have communicated that issue to us, with the result that we cannot remedy the issue, we will issue a full refund and terminate the hosting.



  • 1. Will I be able to create my own email accounts at my domain name?
    Each hosting plan allows you to manage your email addresses and other email settings. You can easily set up email addresses for your domain like myname@mydomain.xx
  • 2. Can I redirect my email to another email account?
    Having email addresses @ your domain provides a level trust with your customers. You can have that email address Forwarded to your GMail or Outlook account from your cPanel.
  • 3. How many email accounts can I have?
    Our base hosting plan provides you with 5 email addresses. Each higher hosting plan offers a larger number of email addresses. Custom plans can be set up as needed.


  • 1. How long does it take to register a domain?
    Registering your domain can take just a few minutes of your time to secure your personal address for the Internet to access.  Once you register your domain it can take up to 24 hrs to propagate but likely just a couple of hours.
  • 2. What should I look for in a domain name?
    It really depends what kind of domain you want.  If it is a domain for business it should have your business name.  If your business name is not available you may try to have an additional word which identifies the type of business as part of your domain.   If you are registering a domain for a blog Perhaps choose a domain name that reflects you know what your block is about.
  • 3. How long is a domain good for?
    Each domain registered with CanWeb Services is good for one year.  If you are transferring your domain over to CanWeb Services your domains original expire a date will be extended by one year .


  • 1. Can I host a WordPress website with CanWeb?
    Yes, CanWeb Services Provides excellent support for WordPress websites.  Our servers are configured to your web sites to the Internet fast and securely. Your website resides in a silo and use its own resources which are not affected by other sites on the system.
  • 2. Do you offer any plug-ins for WordPress?
    We have partnered up with WPMUDEV to provide you with Pro Plug-ins which can help you keep your site Secure and running super-fast. These plug-ins are provided as a service by CanWeb Services and either we take care of their settings or we can do that for you.

Control Panel:

  • 1. What kind of control panel do I get to manage my website?
    Each hosting plan comes with a cPanel control panel. cPanel allows you two manage your website files, database, emails and more .


  • 1. What is the fastest and best way to receive support?
    We highly recommend creating a support ticket to resolve any issues he may have with the services we are providing to you .  If you’re a new customer please call our 1-866-828-1112 number or send us an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible .

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